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Mining | Optimizing Performance

GTM offers a complete line of additives for drilling, sealing, discontinuing, and rehabilitating and developing engineering products to provide support in optimizing performance and profits for our clients in areas such as:

• Water well drilling
• Mining exploration: interior and surface
• Steered horizontal directional boring
• Foundation axis drilling
•Construction applications
• Geothermal heat circuit applications
• Geothermal research projects
• Environmental well monitoring
• Tunneling/micro-tunneling
• Drilling for detonation
• Pipe crosses
• Non-stop drilling
• Pipe fracturing
• Water stoppage and tank sealing

We offer innovative products with the ability to have an enormous reach within our markets with the support of field representatives, service professionalism and specific solutions for each client.

Personalized Service

Our field engineers visit clients at their drilling sites and take a portable laboratory along to evaluate liquids. A special program makes it possible to enhance drilling parameters.