GTM, leader in the distribution of chemicals, fertilizers and solutions for the Latin American agro industry, has understood the importance of enhancing agricultural production at the lowest cost and with the highest quality possible. For that reason it currently has a broad portfolio of products sourced from four different continents, from experienced manufactures that are renowned worldwide.

GTM Agro focuses on marketing over 60 products, including:

• Water soluble fertilizers;
• Agrochemicals;
• Resistance inducers for plants; and
• Intermediate products.

Our objective is to deliver nutrients to plants so they increase crop yield and become most resistant to pests and diseases, producing healthy and abundant crops and, most importantly, at a low cost.

Our inputs are not only part of crop development but are also present in harvest and post-harvest, guaranteeing food safety.

We also have intermediate products, used to produce fertilizers, resistance inducers and pesticides. Learn more about what GTM Agro can do for you and your business.

Visit, write to us at or contact any of our offices, where we will be glad to help you.