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The (EH&S) MASS Policy

• Recognizes that prevention is a key element for all its activities to be carried out safely, to protect the health of its employees, and to care for the environment.

• Manages matters related to the MASS System with the same sense of responsibility and priority as any other strategic business activity.

• Promotes a preventive safety culture in its employees, contractors, clients and the community where it operates.

• Carries out its activities to protect its employees, the community where it operates and the environment from harm with ongoing enhancements.

• Has a systematic approach to managing the MASS System. It establishes objectives and measures and reports on performance.

GTM is committed to the following:

• Create a safe workplace, free from harm and occupational illnesses for your staff through safe operations.

• Minimize your operations’ negative impact on the environment.

• Operate in accordance with the standards and acceptable practices in the MASS System and with the applicable legislation in each country as they relate to environment, health, and safety.

• Investigate the causes of accidents and incidents and develop corrective and preventive actions effectively and immediately.

• Train employees in how to perform their jobs safely and productively.

• Maintain a high level of preparation to act in case of emergencies.

• Demand that providers and contractors comply with all the applicable requirements in the MASS System.
GTM is certified as being compliant with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.